Facebook Tabs, Real Estate Widgets, and Badges

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Facebook Tabs, Real Estate Widgets, and Badges

FREE Facebook Tabs, Real Estate Widgets, and Badges - Powerful Webtools that Produce Results

Here are 3 different Webtools for your business.  Everyone today is searching for the best possible tools that can provide the most value to their visitors and targeted prospects.  The more value you can deliver, the better.  Here are some tools that will definitely bring you and your clients additional value. These are webtools that get noticed, help you connect, and will also help grow and establish more relationships and business.



Facebook tabs help bring additional value to your Facebook Business pages by providing content that your friends and clients need and are looking for.  When they don't have to ask, it's even that much better.  Plus, you don't have to do anything, the Facebook tabs update and keep current automatically all by themselves.  Best of all, it's as easy to install them and it can be done in less than one minute. 

Add any of These Powerful Facebook Tabs to your Business page on Facebook and see what happens.

Facebook Tab "LIVE" Examples:



Real Estate Widgets provide valuable information and data while at the same time inspire users to interact and engage with the data being provided.  Loan comparisons, listing and rental availability, market statistics and neighborhood research, etc.  Take a look at these Widgets and see which ones work best for you. There are over 30 Widgets to choose from in 5 different real estate categories.

BRAND NEW - Check out the How Many Moving Boxes Do I Need? Widget
Here's a Real Estate Information site run only by widgets: SF Bay Area Blog



Badges and yes, you do need These Stinking Badges.  They are the stamp of approval and represent your involvement, participation, and commitment on different sites where you participate. Your clients and those that they refer to you want and need to know where you hang your business associate hats.  Badges tend to carry clout and show your commitment much like a Sheriff's Badge.  Selecting the right badge and where to place them is up to you, and there's quite a selection here:

Co-branding using widgets and badges is one of the most powerful marketing and FREE advertising tools I've seen on the web. Co-branding is what allows you to capture the eyes of your target audience and capture their attention and information for "contact conversion" at the appropriate time. 

* ALL these widgets and badges offer FREE Co-Branding!  Read More About FREE Co-Branding


The webtools mentioned above are just that, WEB TOOLS!

They are created and intended to help do three things: 1. provide value, 2. have the least cost with the most effective results for a positive ROI, and 3. connect you with consumers, clients, and prospects to build a rapport, establish trust and a relationship, and grow your business and financial success.

Here are some FREE webinars you're welcome to attend:
FaceBook for Real Estate
on Aug. 26th and Widgets and Gadgets on Sept 28th.

If you have any questions or need any assistance with any of these webtools, let me know.  As an ambassador here on ActiveRain and as an outreach employee for Zillow, I am....

Committed to Searching and Discovering newer, faster, simpler, better, and more efficient ways to get the job done! Dedicated to Finding and Researching time tested sites and resources, Internet web-based solutions, and reliable, worthy real estate tech tools. Passionate about Sharing and Delivering any and all things that can contribute toward our success!





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