Hard Money Lenders Wanted

The Joint Venture Group is looking for hard money lenders who are willing to become one of our providers to facilitate loans to our list of clients. We have the number one managed trading account in the world. Our experienced Forex traders will trade our clients' accounts on their behalf with an 85% success rate. The amount needed to enter our unique platform is $25k. We have many clients who are looking to borrow $25k and pay up to 20% interest for 120 days to secure a loan. There is no risk to the lender as the collateral for securing the loan is the clients managed account. The gain after 120 days will exceed $100K. The client will not be able to withdraw any capital from their account, until the loan and interest has been repaid. If you would like to receive a free PDF which will provide you with all of the details, click here http://www.prosperityandfun.com/binaryoptlori





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Zillow Summits Come to California

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Zillow Summits Come to California

September is going to be an exciting month. We're bringing the Zillow Summit to California. I've been traveling all over the countryside doing these (and loving it!) and now we get to have a few right here in my own backyard, California! I actually LOVE those short plane rides too!

So what's a Zillow Summit? Why would you want to attend? How much does it cost? What's in it for you if you go?  Let me answer and hopefully inspire or motivate you to come join me if you're in CA.

The Zillow Summit is a unique event Zillow has hosted in multiple cities across the country. Agents, lenders and brokers come meet with us to find out and learn more about the company. They are created and designed to help real estate pro's do more business by maximizing the tools and services that are available. It's also about providing the support needed when these tools get introduced.

Zillow Staff literally hop on planes, trains and automobiles from all over the country to come meet and spend time with you and the others you work with in the local real estate community. As much as we're there to share, we also come to listen, to learn and to grow.

There Are Two Types of Summits in California

The Premier Agent Summit  

The Premier Agent Summit:
Join fellow Premier Agents along with members of the Zillow executive team and a local Premier Agent panel who will share best practices for success on and offline. This event offers valuable insight into our industry and how to maximize your Zillow experience.

The Zillow Select Summit

The Zillow Select Summit:
Great for agents who want to learn the benefits of working with Zillow. This event also features members of our executive team along with a top local agent panel sharing best practices for success, on and offline. 

*Note: We also combine Summits in selected cities.

Zillow executives come and share where we are going, what we are doing and even what's coming up ahead inside Zillow. It's a great opportunity to meet some of the Zillow staff, ask questions, visit the tech showcase and learn about all the tools that are coming or already available. You'll enjoy a panel of local agent's who come and share their best practices and provide you tips for success in your local markets.

A Zillow economist and analyst will join us to discuss your local and national real estate markets. Senior account executives and other Zillow staff are also onsite and available to help answer questions, walk you through "live" examples, or provide some best practices and help tips for getting more results.

Best of all, Zillow Summit's are Free as a complimentary service to our members and industry.

Register by visiting: http://zillow.com/agentevents. They start next Tuesday in San Francisco, then Wednesday in San Jose and then Thursday in Sacramento.

Later this month, we'll be in Southern California starting with Los Angeles on Tuesday, Orange County on Wednesday and Riverside on Thursday.

I saved for BEST for LAST... at least for me personally... I'll finally get to meet you in person!! 

Take a second to view the cities and times, then come on out and hangout with us for a bit. I'd love to have you join me as my guest if you're available. See you then and there. Have safe travels. 

Agents share "Why they love the Zillow Summits!"

Save Some Time - Just Register Here

San Francisco 9/9/14 - Premier Agent and Select Combined
San Jose 9/10/14 - Premier Agent and Select Combined
Sacramento 9/11/14 - Premier Agent and Select Combined
Los Angeles 9/23/14 - Premier Agent Summit or Zillow Select Summit
Orange County 9/24/14 - Premier Agent Summit or Zillow Select Summit
Riverside 9/25/14 - Premier Agent and Select Combined




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