Want To Know More About Google Search?

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Want To Know More About Google Search?

Getting information and details about Google processes has always seemed like a mystery. Top Secret. Getting answers in the past was more than just challenging, it seemed impossible. We would search the Internet to find answers to questions about SEO, indexing, serps, robots, and algorithm's, etc. only to discover deep-linked dead-ends and inaccurate information.

So where does one go to find information about the secrets, developments, new products, launches, changes, and get the accurate inside scoop about Google?  At Google of course.  Let me assist you with this quest.  It's taken many of us months, even years to find and discover some of these Google sites and very informative people.

The Google Mystery Tour!

There are some great resources available out there now, some better than others, but for those of you just wanting some simple answers to some of those difficult questions like, "How is Google making improvements to its search algorithm?"  I found a few sites and folks inside and around the Googleplex that don't mind sharing.

Learn about the Evolution of "Google Search" - Inside Google, you'll love it!

Some sites I suggest to keep up-to-date with Google's World & Playground

Hopefully some of these channels, sites, and people can help you find answers to some of your other questions.  You can always ask me and others around the AR network or out on the web too. Sometimes sharing your information and knowledge with others helps shorten their learning curve, and helps better their online efforts and experiences.  Always Pay It Forward, it will come back to you 10 fold~

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