3 Things To Know about Google's New Search

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3 Things To Know about Google's New Search

3 Things To Know about Google's New Search

This morning I decided to Google some search terms to see what would come up?  I try to do this as often as posssible with different keywords or phrases to see what shows up on the results page.  Now maybe this was there all along, but it's the first time I noticed it or maybe it's just the first time I was paying attention!  lol~

Google has added a new preview feature to their "Search Engine Results Pages" (SERPS) so here's some suggestions to keep your sites and posts at the top of those pages. (because nobody clicks on page 2)  It's one thing to get to the top of the search engines, it's another to get visitors to click on the links to your sites and posts when they do find them.

One: Your Title's and content are more important than ever!! 

Google is all about "results" and NOBODY wants to provide better, faster, exact results on a search term or phrase than these guys.  Always think of the audience you are trying to reach and what keywords, terms, or phrases they might be typing in the search engines.  Those title's being searched will greatly increase the odds of you showing up in the SERPS.

Two: To Click or Not To Click will now be the question?

With the addition of Google's new "preview" option, now folks may or may not click open your site or article even if it is at the top of page one in the search engine results page.  They can simply hover their mouse over the "preview arrow" and see your site or post displayed to the right of their screen. 

Note: See the new Google Search Preview Tool that displays on one of my wordpress training blogs below:

So how important is it NOW that the content of your blog, website, or post be rich in quality and cosmetically appealing?  In my opinion, this now becomes another key ingredient and important component to getting positive results (or not) of your "click-thru ratios" since a simple "hover display" may NOT get you "clicked" or help your SEO. 

(Google's Display Image)

Three:  Which Click Counts Most? The text Link or the Image?

Both the search engine results text link and the new preview page are live links, you'll notice they both have the same URL structure but I'm sure Google can determine and measure what the majority of searchers are clicking on, the links in the text, or the images that are being displayed? I'm guessing it may eventually be the previewed images.

Make sure you're including quality images, graphics and photos, good relative and useful content, awesome titles, and other pieces of useful and valuable data and information that will lean your target audience to clicking on your websites, profiles, and blogs.  Your online business is going to have to kick it up a notch to stay in the game and at the top. 

Go ahead and give it a try yourself.  Search any keywords, terms, or phrases where you want to show up on page one.  See what your page or site display/preview looks like in the new Google Search results page?  Sometimes running experiments like this in the search engines can be a very beneficial learning experience. 





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