How Many Boxes Do I Need To Move

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How Many Boxes Do I Need To Move

How Many Boxes Will I Need To Move? - A question EVERY person asks more than once in their lifetime!

One thing that has been most challenging for me when buying or selling Real Estate and moving is the actual "MOVE" itself. I wonder if there are others who feel the same way and just the thought of packing and moving prevents them from making the decision to buy or sell?

I don't mind looking for properties, signing documents, getting appraisals, working with agents, lenders, title companies, and inspectors etc. It's the actual move, now that's a lot of work!

My grandma used to always say, "Three moves is as good as a fire!" Until I moved a third time, I never really knew what that meant? Now I do! We tend to have soooo much stuff. We start off with a small amount of stuff, but then we're always wanting and needing more stuff and eventually over time, we have a great deal of stuff. Now we need a bigger kitchen, bigger bedrooms, BIGGER HOUSES etc.

George Carlin did a great comedy skit talking about this very thing..."Stuff!"

I'm excited to announce this really cool new tool we've just launched called the "Moving Box Estimator" and I know you're going to love this one. I recently added this little widget to the sidebar of and it's getting some rave reviews and generating many inquiries. Widgets like this are all about providing a "value-added" and needed service to your visitors and target audiences.

Once a home is purchased or sold, you know the next question that goes through every mind of every client and consumer, "How Many Boxes Will I Need To Move?" Now you can assist them by providing them the Moving Box Estimator widget on your site or blog. Go ahead and give it a try below.

Moving Boxes Estimator
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Get Your Own Customized Moving Box Estimator Widget Here

For my next post:
Now that we got the boxes issue resolved, lets remove the next biggest challenge from the moving equation: "How to call and get your buddies and friends to come over and help you move all "YOUR STUFF" over the weekend!" lol~ We've all been there right? lol~





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