How To Take High Tech to High Touch

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How To Take High Tech to High Touch

My friend Jeff Turner from Zeek Interactive has outdone himself with this presentation.

The concept and philosophy here ties right into one of mine I refer to as, “Ctrl+ALT+Delete” which is a commonly known universal “command” in which everyone can relate to, but no one does anything about, at least until you’re at a dead end, locked up, and have no other options.

Take a moment to watch this presentation slideshow, ponder the content for a few short minutes, then initiate a power down sequence of your “High Tech” mobile device or computer, go get cleaned up and make yourself publicly presentable, and then head out into the world of “High Touch” and experience something new, exciting, and different for a change.

Oh yeah, and one more thing:  I dare you to try and leave your mobile device behind….

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