Oops! I goofed up... sorry.

Hey Guys - Kevin here. 
I'm so sorry - I goofed up yesterday and 
sent an email regarding this really cool and 
super EASY to use "meme" image creator 
tool my buddy Paul just set up.  
You know - the ones that let you add arrows, 
speech bubbles, web addresses, etc to any image 
from the web for posting/marketing on sites like 
Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ etc? 
Anyway - the email only made it out to a very small 
percentage of you guys - 
SO.... here's the link again:  http://memesamurai.com/kevin-and-ray/
OK.  Gotta run and hop on call with one of our 
new Empower Teammates... getting ready to blast 
out a killer ad campaign for her! 
To your success!  
To your success,

Ray and Kevin

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