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ActiveRain for REALTOR® Hangout

In this REALTOR® Hangout, these 8 individuals share why and how they are active and engaging on ActiveRain. Take a look and listen to some of the ideas and ways they use this network to build relationships nationally, get ideas and share experiences, and how they are growing their business using ActiveRain. 

You may already be using this site thinking that you're getting the most out of your efforts, but then again, what if you're not? I have found from personal experience that just about the time I think I have it all figured out, I listen to a podcast, or watch a video like this, and a plethora of brand new ideas and visions materialize.

ActiveRain most certainly requires YOU to plant the seeds, then weed, water, and fertilize if you ever want to experience any kind of reward and harvest from your efforts here. Just like farming, you're going to have to be "Active" and work the fields to enjoy your crops produced here in the "Rain".





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