How To Create Links in Pictures and Graphics

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How To Create Links in Pictures and Graphics

Here's an example of an office below which has hyper-links and labels built right into the image.

Feel free to go ahead and click around.  If you're interested, let me know by leaving a comment below and I'll give you the instructions on how to create these "hotspots" and "Hyper-Links" in your own images, graphics, and pictures.  It's easy and it's free. There are 28 in the one below, can you find them all?

TIP: For ActiveRain users ONLY
You'll have to use the "CTRL KEY+ Mouse Click" to open these links in a seperate tab or window.

Imagine All The Ways You Could Use Something Like This
IE: Banners, Headers, Footers, Email Signatures, Home and Office Tours, and that’s just the beginning…

What about these ideas for some additional uses:

  • Layouts for Facebook, Groups, Multiply, and hundreds of other social networking sites
  • Blog and web site headers and navigational bars or sitemaps
  • Website applications like advertisements (ads) and forum signatures
  • Navigational features like schematics, floor plans, blue prints, diagrams and flow charts
  • City, County, and Country maps.  Also clickable homes, store locators, and so much more...

I can see where this could and will be very useful for someone wanting to accomplish more with their pictures, images, and graphics.  Using this tool and technology will work on any image or graphic of your choice.





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