New cell phone marketing platform only $20/ month - Leaders invitation first .. get top spot in my 3x10 forced matrix

You Are Getting First Alert Notice On This! 

*$20/month* Cell phone marketing is the new trend. Promote any business with this tool. 

Keyword and Short Code (Example: Text YOURNAME to 5700 , and then you can mass text these people when they opt-in)!  Available NOW in 27 countries!


Mobile Optimized Website Wizard (a lot of people surf the web on their phone nowadays.. simple mobile website creator included) Customized QR Code Generator (these are the white square with little black squares inside that you see in a lot of local businesses that usually say 
"chance for you to win a prize if you scan this code now!"

The higher packages have free leads per month and email marketing platform with 97.1% deliverability rate. This will be available in 27 countries 3x10 forced matrix. 

This is a GREAT tool to promote ANY business you are in. At this time, I'm giving my top spots to leaders only first. 

In few hours I will have referral link.  

If you want in, just email me back and tell me, I will give you my referral link as soon as I get it. 

This is not prelaunch.. as soon as it goes live, people need
to pay into it immediately. No inactive people will clog up the forced matrix.

Yours in Success,

Kevin Sandridge
Chief Marketer and Dream Builder
Phone: 863.604.3019
P.S.  My main program is growing daily! If you are not happy with your primary business, you might want to check it out. I hope you can see the value I bring to each of my business partners.  If you're on the fence about whether to join me, I encourage you to Claim Your Financial Freedom and Join Me Here! 
670 Red Cove Way, Winter Haven, FL 33884, USA

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