[$4,730 in 2 days] thank you SO much to THESE folks!

The  Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast

I'd like to give a shout out to these ALL these folks that have
been so generous!! I really appreciate the support for Mike :)

Please check out this page I created
to help out his family.

Robert Bastro,
Mark Van Dyke
Martin Hernandez
Merrick Loveland
Gabriel Camerini
Heather Larose
Justin Bennett
Cora Daugherty
David Phelps
Lee Sok
Barbara Williams
Matt Theriault
Danny Pham
Karen Hamer
Thomas Rand
Daniel P
Anthony Policci
Todd Tripp
David Schardt
Gary Franz
Dorothea Hadsell
Tom Krol
DIANA Williams
SB Schroeders
Classmate from SBHS '88
Joel Gibney
Tat Wong
Dan Jansen
Annie Freedom
Nhat Pham
David Rosenbaum
Greg & Heather Self
Daren Tillman
Jim Kuttner
John Jaramillo
Susan Gibson Williams

If you didn't here the shocking story, you can read it here...


I received a voice mail the the other day from a
women by the name Mary Ellen.  Now I don't know
a Mary Ellen but her voice mail sent chills up my spine.

She said "You don't know me but I'm friends with Mike Lemieux.  Something tragic has happened and I need
to speak with you right away!"

My hear started beating and crazy thoughts ran through my mind.

I called her back and she began to tell me what happened
to my long time friend Mike Lemieux.

She proceeded to say that Mike, a single dad of two beautiful kids,
went out for a Sunday afternoon bike ride in Portland Maine.

Something went wrong and he crashed his bike and fell
down a 20' rock slope toward the ocean.

"What happen I exclaimed!!!"

Mike broke his back and is in ICU at the Maine Medical Center.
He's paralyzed from the neck down!

I couldn't believe what I heard.  I just saw him not more than
a week earlier at our 25th high school reunion.

I can't imagine what he, his two kids and his family
are going through right now!!

This could happen to anyone at anytime…

Please check out this page I created
to help out his family.

I know he would appreciate it.

Please say a prayer for him, he needs a miracle.

Thank You!!!

God Bless



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