a SHOCKING story that could happen to ANYONE!

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I received a voice mail the the other day from a
women by the name Mary Ellen.  Now I don't know
a Mary Ellen but her voice mail sent chills up my spine.

She said "You don't know me but I'm friends with Mike Lemieux.  Something tragic has happened and I need
to speak with you right away!"

My hear started beating and crazy thoughts ran through my mind.

I called her back and she began to tell me what happened
to my long time friend Mike Lemieux.

She proceeded to say that Mike, a single dad of two beautiful kids,
went out for a Sunday afternoon bike ride in Portland Maine.

Something went wrong and he crashed his bike and fell
down a 20' rock slope toward the ocean.

"What happen I exclaimed!!!"

Mike broke his back and is in ICU at the Maine Medical Center.
He's paralyzed from the neck down!

I couldn't believe what I heard.  I just saw him not more than
a week earlier at our 25th high school reunion.

I can't imagine what he, his two kids and his family
are going through right now!!

This could happen to anyone at anytime…

Please check out this page I created
to help out is family.

I know he would appreciate it.

Please say a prayer for him, he needs a miracle.

Thank You!!!

God Bless



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