How to Overcome these 3 HUGE Obstacles

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How to Breakthrough these Three Almost Impossible Obstacles

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Well, it's been a while and I've missed you all!  In June I was in Maui for 2 of the most amazing weeks with my family and close friends.  We stayed at the Hoolei Luxury Villa's located across the street from the Grand Wailea. What an amazing time that my kids will remember for the rest of their lives.

Now in July I was at my beach house in Dana Point CA hanging out with the family and reflecting on my business.  It was awesome to "unplug" from daily life, take a breath and look at my life and business from a thousand foot view.  I get to see what I don't like so I can make some swift changes and also I get to see what I do like so we can do more of the same.

In this episode I share some of the highlights of the last several months and solve the 3 of the most challenging obstacles that most newer and advanced investors face.

You'll Discover:

1. Money: What if money was not an obstacle in your real estate business? Boom Baby!!!

2. Time: Working this business around your job is hard, I get it.  But what if you could only focus on the tasks that produced the most amount of revenue?  You could work less and make more.

3. Fear: Fear is the biggest reason I believe that most people don't press on to success.  The questions is HOW do you overcome that fear?  Listen for the answer.

Plus I'll share an amazing quote from the late great Bruce Lee that will change your prospective on your expectations and goals.  This is a game changer and if applied will take you to levels you've never dreamt possible.

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