[INTERVIEW] Bug Man to Making $134,000 in Eight Short Months Wholesaling Houses

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Exclusive Interview Reveals...

How Tyler Went from Being a “Bug Man” to a Becoming a Full Time Wholesaler Making $134,000 in Eight Short Months!

Bug Man to Fulltime Wholesaler

Tyler Weitz has an amazing story.  As a full time “bug guy” making $50,000 a year with no future, life seemed a little dim.  With the corporate politics and the ridiculous hours, he wanted out but didn’t have any options until he read my book.  He actually had to read it twice because he didn’t “get it”.  He didn’t understand how the wholesaling process worked.  After reading it for the second time he started listening to my podcast. 


The podcast and joining the Flip2Freedom Academy gave him the knowledge and motivation to get started BUT as you’ll find out, he had a rough beginning.


The exciting part about this interview is that he shares the exact steps, marketing techniques and mind set it took to go from the “bug man” making $50K a yesr to a full time wholesaler making $134K in 8 months.



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