This Guy Flips 30 Junkers a Month!!! (interview)

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Happy Friday!  I thought I'd drop you a quick note before I run to the title company to sign a slew of docs for a bunch of closing happening today and Monday.

I just recorded a killer interview with a guy that flips 30 junkers a month!! He reveals some pretty killer tips and tricks that I know will make you money.

Listen now to this exclusive interview on how this average guy
flips 30 junkers a month

(Listen Here via iTunes)

Have a kick'in weekend!!!


Live Large

P.S. Jack answers this question: "If I stripped you of all your tools and team, what would you do right now to make $20,000 in the next 30 days or less?"  You gotta here waht he says!!!

Listen Now to Find Out the Answer

(Listen Here via iTunes)



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