This is HOW I do 15-20 deals a month (media)

The  Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast


How I flip 15-20 deals EVERY month!!!

Wholesaling Houses Full TimeIn this episode I share my business model and systems in detail.   I share how I generate leads, manage the leads, process the leads and turn them into deals.  This episode I explain exactly how I make big money wholesaling houses.  You will learn the people need to manage 15 to 20 deals a month and what type of systems are need to make this happen.


Here’s what you’ll discover:

  1. What it takes to make six figures a month wholesaling houses.
  2. What type of staff is needed to run a $100K a month business.
  3. The exact process of how a lead is generated.
  4. How we determine motivation.
  5. How and why we set appointments.
  6. When we submit contracts and why,
  7. How we scale the business.
  8. How we enter different markets.
  9. You’ll also hear an amazing story of pursuing dream

Boom Baby!!!




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