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This is an Awesome Question!!!

Dee Wells asked this via Fackbook,

"Hey Sean, how would you market a property if you didn't have a buyers list?


The reason I ask is, I see in a lot of forums that people getting started brand new or new to another market will post their new deal on Craigs list and that deal will get seen by the seller and the seller will get very mad when they see their property marked up for a higher price on Craigs list, Backpage, Postlets, Zillow, or etc.


They will also see their property being advertised if you use bandit signs around the property. How can you market it if you told the seller that you are the buyer, but would get caught using the traditional channels to market it? Thanks."


Great question huh?


Here's my answer on how to build a massive buyers list AND how to set the seller up for a full on marketing campaign.


You'll love this...



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