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What’s up Subscriber -  I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving!

I know I did, I had 20 people over and I cooked a 26.23LB turkey
that was almost a disaster,,,

I timed it wrong…oops

Luckily, my wife’s uncle was late and everything turned
out perfect.

Anyways, I really want you as a member of the Flip2Freedom

…I think you would make a great success story and you could
add a ton of value to the community.

So here’e what I’m going to do for you Subscriber.

I’m going to give you my signature course The Flip2Freedom Academy
which is the #1 wholesaling system online today AND
my Flipping HUD Home 4 Week Intensive, this program changed the face
of wholesaling making it the easiest way to make money flipping houses AND ALSO
I’m going to give you exclusive access to ZERO to $12K in 37 days or less.  The ultimate "Make Money NOW” in real estate course for a stupid 81% OFF regular price.

These all sell right now for $997 a piece totaling of $2,991.00 for all three
and thousands of people have paid that price…

…not you, not today if you go to this special page I made for you here

There’s only a handful of other folks I can say that I really want as a member
and you are definitely one of them.

Oh yeah, I’ll see you Wednesday the 4th for the members

only LIVE coaching call via Google hangout. 

It’s awesome, it’s like we’re in the same room

taking deals, super cool!

So please, go here and check out this short video I made for you.

All the best,


P.S. Timing is everything ya know and this page is going to be gone soon
so please head over there as soon as you can.


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