are you disengaged? (it's a control thing)

How would you like to be MORE engaged…?

…with your family, your kids
your husband or wife or with life itself.

I know it’s hard for us “future” thinkers.
We’re always planning, wanting more
for ourselves and our families.

So for us to STOP thinking about the
future or STOP fretting about the past
and ONLY focus on the moment RIGHT NOW,
is difficult for us I know.

But there are 2 things that will make NOW thinking
a thousand times easier…

1. Control of your time
2. Control of your income

If you work for someone else than THEY
control the majority of your time.

You have to show up when THEY say, you have
to eat lunch when THEY say, you have to live life
one THEIR schedule….

…and THEY control the amount of money
you make thus controlling your lifestyle.

The kind of car you drive, the house you live in
even the kind of food you eat.
(want side of the menu do you look at,
the left or right?)

It sucks doesn’t it?

I know this because I did it for many years.

So how can you be MORE engaged?

Well, control your time and your income/money

For me, wholesaling houses gave me control over both.

On Saturday I shared with you the Four Phases of Freedom.
Specifically Phase I where I show you how to get your first check
as fast as possible.

Today you can listen to Phase II where I share how to accumulate one years worth
of income in record time.

Imagine having the equivalent of one years worth of your income
in the bank that was made from real estate.

You’d have the option to quit your JOB right?

You’d also have the confidence that you could sustain the
income because of your previous success.

This will provide you with control of your time and money
thus giving you the ability to relax, enjoy life and really engage.

You can listen to Phase I here and Phase II here.

Have an awesome Monday!!!


P.S. If you’re already fully engaged, then some extra time and money won’t
hurt right? lol

Click here to listen


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