An Activerain Manual for New Members and Blogging Beginners

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An Activerain Manual for New Members and Blogging Beginners

One of my main contributions here on Activerain was focusing on writing tutorials and how to blog posts for agents and lenders in my local market. One day, I got a call from another ActiveRain member, Colleen Kulokowski who suggested I write for the entire community.

So I did.

I must have written more than 200+ blog posts that ranged from SEO tips to setting up a profile. Next thing I know, I was employed here at Activerain for about 4 years. I spent the majority of my time helping grow the community and creating content to help other members.

At one point, I even created an ActiveRain Manual that members could reference for quick tips and ideas to get the most out of their rainmaker memberships. Well today, I found that manual, blew off the dust and realized many of those articles might still be helpful to new members here?

While some of the posts might be a bit outdated due to many changes here, there are still quite a few useful articles and many of them still getting comments. So here is a link to the whole kit and kaboodle if you're interested. It took me more than 3 years to create and complete it, hopefully it saves and shaves some time and learning curve for some new members here.

Enjoy, and thanks for reading!  :-)





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