Hard Money Lenders Wanted

The Joint Venture Group is looking for hard money lenders who are willing to become one of our providers to facilitate loans to our list of clients. We have the number one managed trading account in the world. Our experienced Forex traders will trade our clients' accounts on their behalf with an 85% success rate. The amount needed to enter our unique platform is $25k. We have many clients who are looking to borrow $25k and pay up to 20% interest for 120 days to secure a loan. There is no risk to the lender as the collateral for securing the loan is the clients managed account. The gain after 120 days will exceed $100K. The client will not be able to withdraw any capital from their account, until the loan and interest has been repaid. If you would like to receive a free PDF which will provide you with all of the details, click here http://www.prosperityandfun.com/binaryoptlori





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