How To Test Your Internet Speeds

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How To Test Your Internet Speeds

Many Internet service providers claim that you're getting top speeds to your homes and offices but how do you really know what Internet speed you are truly experiencing? If they offer and promise you 20mbps download speed and 5mbps upload speed, have you checked to see if that's what you get?

Here's a nifty little site and tool that allows you to check your Internet speed by "pinging" another local computer server and run a download and upload speed test. This is important to know for a couple reasons. You want to get what you're paying for, but you also want the fastest most efficient Internet provider and speeds at the best price.

Download speed is the actual speed at which your browser can return page results and load different websites that have heavy graphics, video, multimedia etc. Upload speeds are needed when adding files to the Internet and are important when uploading data to the cloud or when adding and uploading a video to Youtube. Believe me, these speeds matter.

The ping speed isn't as important, it's just the microseconds measured that it takes to connect to the local computer where you are running the speedtest. On many of the webinars I have taught over the past 8 years, some agents say the audio cuts out or the screens refresh real slow, turns out it's the Internet speed and connectivity that causes these issues.

INSTRUCTIONS: It's Free and Easy - Just visit and click "Begin Test"

It's always good to know that you're getting what you pay for, Internet speed and access included. However I think it's equally important to maximize these free sites and Internet tools to help you become aware of what you "think you know" vs "what's true and reality." Happy Speedtest to all~

An After-Thought

Maybe I can get Bob Stewart to award 1000 ActiveRain points for the fastest speed posted here in the comments, and 1000 points to the Activerain member with the slowest speed? Why points for the slowest? Can you imagine what that poor member had to go through and how long they had to wait just to post a comment here? I think they'd deserve it! What's your speed?




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