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Good Day,

Me and some partners have been working on a new project and I am writing you as a soft introduction. We have started a system where we will be taking the courthouse foreclosures starting in my county of New Hanover and putting them online along with the upset bids which can only be seen by physically going into the courthouse. This is a process to live stream the way foreclosure investors can operate. I wont get into to much detail, but once we get it going in New Hanover county the plan is to take it to the bigger ones like (Wake, and Mecklenburg in the Charlotte area and many others).

I am reaching out to some local and even non local investors, realtors, and real estate involved people just to see what the interest level is, and kind of get the word out. This system will have a free version with no pressure to upgrade once it is launched. We set that up specifically so investors, and realtors can check it out and see what it does without pressure. You do not have to enter your credit card info to start the free account. This also gives us a chance to get feedback from users on improvements and also get an idea of what people find most valuable. 

Our website is not quite ready yet; however, it will be early next week, and could be Friday. We do have a Facebook page so if you haven't done so feel free  to give us a like which helps us out with presence online. You can visit our FB page by clicking HERE

I completely welcome any and all feedback. There is just a few more things to finish up but right now the web site is working well. We will be adding additional features and expanding into bigger counties not long after we launch. As soon as we are up and running I will send another shorter email with the website URL and some info on it. 

If you are far outside of NC and have no interest in purchasing foreclosures this will not be promoted to you in any way. This is just to put it out and make it available. We can however place bids for you no matter where you are if that is of interest, and also once its live the free account is always available and in no way will you be pressured to upgrade, or enter payment info. We are looking for good feedback from anyone in the business. 


Thank You, 



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