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Dear Real Estate Professional,
Flipping foreclosures has been and continues to be a quick and lucrative part of the real estate market. The headaches have been in locating these properties and getting control of the property just to get started.

A brand new resource has made finding out about foreclosures in New Hanover County area a whole lot easier.


At the outset, this may look like just another listing company. However, Foreclosure Resource Services is so much more than a mere listing site. Whether you're a seasoned investor or you're just starting to explore real estate investments, subscribing to our "one-stop shop" for foreclosure properties saves you a lot of legwork. We compile, locate and track New Hanover County properties coming up for auction as well as those currently on bid at the courthouse.

This 'savings in legwork' is directly equaled in dollars and cents – a lot of dollars and cents…

If you have ever spent hours combing through courthouse documents to find the info you need on a property you are looking at, you know how tedious and time-consuming the process can become. Foreclosure Resource Services does the research for you, providing all current foreclosure listings, regular updates, and access to local resources to help you make wise, profitable, real estate decisions.

And we put all of it at the click of a button (the easy button) no more trips to the courthouse, hours huddled over files…

Now discovering new foreclosure opportunities in New Hanover County is easier and faster than ever before. Foreclosure Resource Services saves you time and money by providing you with

(Wake, Brunswick, and Mecklenburg coming soon)

  • Dailey New Hanover County property foreclosure updates
  • Access to iMapp data, market analysis and property valuations provided by local qualified real estate brokers.
  • Access to real estate professionals who can provide buyer representation throughout the entire

Take the 'work' out of making money with foreclosures, let us do that. By providing all current foreclosure listings, regular updates, and access to local resources, we help you make wise and profitable, real estate decisions.


Take a look for yourself at:

Also, If you live outside of area, or are out of town, WE WILL place bids on your behalf!! As well as provide you with the three simple forms you need to place your bid.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Thank you for your time,


Foreclosure Resource Services 







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