why just "one second" could cost you $80 million...

The  Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast

  Did you tune into the Olympics over the past few weeks?


If so, you probably noticed how, especially in swimming, there

is such a tiny difference in time between someone who

receives a gold medal and someone who misses the 

In some cases as little as a hundredth of a second.

Now imagine being the guy or gal who came in fourth…  

You never hear a word about them do you?  

Imaging spending countless hours in the pool away

from your family to prepare for your shot at the gold.

That hundredth of a second can be very expensive.


medalists typically are the only ones who

have a shot 
of earning lucrative endorsement deals.

I heard Michael Phelps made $80 million last year

alone just in endorsements and Gabby Douglas might

get upwards to $50 Million.

What about fourth place? Nothing…

Now they get an incredible experience but they're

just hundredths of a second from fame and fortune.

Much like Olympians, you either have or will dedicate many, many

hours to 
pursue your fist deal or build a business that will replace

your full-time income.

So the questions is how do you increase your odds of success?

All Olympians have one 2 things in common: 

1. A tanatious will to win.
2. A coach

You can control your tenacious will to win

but there are "curtail facts" you just don't know.

Like negotiating with a seller when they're stuck on a

high price but you know they want to sell.  Or knowing

exactly what a six figure a month wholesaling business

looks like, operates like and functions like.

You see, an Olympians has a coach to accelerate them

through the learning curves and assist them with unique

tips and tricks that will make them a bit faster and a bit better.

In real estate having a coach can save you precious time

and thousands of dollars that most people don't have to waste.

the problem is most experienced real estate investors that

are successful are spending their valuable time building their

business. it doesn't make financial sense to drop everything and

take on a new investor under their wing and answer every question

just because their a nice guy.

So what's the alternative?

We'll I'd like to give you the next best thing.

eXtreeme Freedom Live Event Dallas

Three days of intense, hands on no fluff life changing training.

You've invited to join me and a select few Barron's Club members

in Dallas Texas on September 21st - 23rd for the event of a lifetime.

At this event you'll discover:

Phase I: How to Get Your First Check in 45 Days or Less:

You'll leave knowing what to do and how to do with confidence.

Phase II: How to Accumulate One Years Worth of Income as

Fast as Possible.  Know what it takes to constantly do multiple

deals every month.

Phase III: Quit Your JOB and Go Full Time:

The day of exhilaration!  You're finally FREE from

the shackles of the 9-to-5.

Phase IV: How to Go from $0 to $500K a Year: 

I'll give you my exact business blueprint.

The Wealth Effect: This one segment with give

you the exact formula for building a "passive cash flow"

income stream whether you work or not.  

The Triangle Effect: The Law of Attraction, Spiritual and Mental:

Discover why two investor can send the same mailer to the same

list and one investor gets all the deals and the other is left empty handed.

It's not the list and it's not the mailer it's THEM.  

You'll know how to be the investor that miraculously get's the deals.

Also you'll get to network with some of the most savvy real estate investor's

in the country
It all takes place in Dallas Sept 21st - the 23rd.

Here's the thing, we only have a room that holds 100 people and NO more. 

This is a first come first serve basis and it's going to sell out quick.

So watch your email on TOMORROW for two super important announcements.

1. The WINNER of the $1,000 Cash Testimonial Contest

2. Registration Opens for the extreme Freedom Live Event Dallas

Until then,

Boon Baby!


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