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The Blogconomy - How Much Can You Earn Blogging

I remember my very first blog post here on ActiveRain.  It was way back in February of 2007, more than 5 years ago. At the time, I wasn't even considering that money could be made from blogging.  I was in it to connect with other local and national real estate pros, to learn and grow as well as share my own knowledge and experiences, and market my company and expertise to those that had a use or that saw value in what I offerred.

There are some bloggers out there only in it for the money and believe me, they are crushing it, but does anyone really care about making money blogging or are you doing it for the same reasons I was? Depending on the industry and business you're in will certainly make a difference in your answer, but has the thought crossed your mind that you COULD be making money blogging?

Here's an interesting infographic - The Blogconomy.

Infographic Source: - How much money can you make from blogging?

For me personally, and after reviewing this information, I'll stick to blogging for ALL the original reasons in which I started, but will also entertain and consider the thought of making an income in the process!? How about you? Why do you blog? How much do you make? Could you be making more money by having some additional knowledge, tools, and resources? 





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